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The Reno Art Fest 2019 

July 12-14, 2019

Spaces Still Available!


The Reno Art Fest 2019, our third year in Reno, will be held on Virginia Street, between 4th and 6th Sttreets, in downtown Reno on July 12-14, 2018. We will also be changing the hours a bit, to take advantage of the cooler evenings, with the hours of  Friday 4 - 8 pm, Saturday 10 am till 8 pm, and Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm. On Friday, the plan is to have a street party to kick off the weekend - with food trucks, wine and beer, and the start of the Mural painting contest, with the murals from last year being painted over! The 24 Hour Mural Contest brings 8 select artists to the Circus Circus hotel to paint 8 different murals on their exterior wall! They only have 24 hours to complete these huge works of art! And on Saturday you can watch their progress and view Controlled Burn's Fire Fest in the evening. On Sunday you can see the final murals and see who won. All three days will be filled with entertainment, food trucks. wine and beer, and great art!

RenoArtFest2018 Logo smReno Art Fest 2019 will feature numerous local and national juried artists whose original work of 2 and 3 dimensional fine art includes a full spectrum of the arts including acrylics. oils and watercolors paintings, photography, ceramics, glass, stone and metal sculptures, and wood and clay pieces.  Artists will be on-site to discuss their work. which is available for purchase. Cash prizes of $4000 will be awarded.   

WEB BANNER ArtownAs one of the events for Artown, Reno Art Fest will be part of the marketing and promotion regionally, and nationally as part of this premier arts festival which should dramatically add to attendance. Artown, a month-long summer arts festival, features about 500 events produced by more than 100 organizations and businesses in nearly 100 locations citywide. Artown’s primary goal is to encourage local artist participation and highlight the best performers in northern Nevada. 

Booth Prices:

10x10 booths = $125*
10x20 booths = $200*
Corner spaces are an add't $25 if available
Plus 10% commission on all sales

Situated on North Virginia Street between 4th and 6th streets in Reno, the event will be open on Friday 4 - 8 pm, Saturday from10 am till 8 pm, and Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm. Admission and parking are free to the public and participants with a variety of local food trucks, wine and beer concession also available. The Reno Art Fest is presented by CWB Events, in conjunction with Artech, a local non-profit organization.

Live entertainment to include a special "Children’s Creative Zone" with hula hoops, balloons, bubbles, face painting, puppets and interactive art projects for children and adults of all ages. 

Live entertainment (to be announced) will appear on thruout all three days. Northern Nevada's Controlled Burn will also perform on Saturday evening at 8:00 pm. The event will conclude on Sunday at 5 pm. We have changed the dates from last years event in order to collaborate with the Mural Contest

Artist Amenities (subject to changes):
$4000 in cash as Artists Awards:

  • Best of Show $1,000
  • Awards of Excellence (2) $750
  • Judges Choice $500
  • Awards of Merit (4) $250

Booth sitters will be available
Artists Hospitality Booth
Free Artist parking
Security provided on Friday and Saturday evening.
Booth pricing that is very affordable, priced at $125 for a 10x10 space!


Our Sponsors:

 Artech 300sierra arts1  circus circus sm    

PioneerCenter sm    Suburban Propane
IconStacked TruckeeBlue sm  CityOfReno sm    

Want to be a sponsor? Send us a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reno Art Fest 2019 will be located on North Virginia Street between 4th and 6th streets in Reno NV. The hours of the event are from 4 - 8 pm on Friday, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm on Saturday and 10 am till 5 pm on Sunday. Admission and Parking are free.

Applications are available thru this website and on ZAPP. Digital images of your work and display will be required if applying through this website (ZAPP aleady has digital images).
A certificate of liability insurance will be required upon acceptance into this event, and before a space assignment is made! Liability insurance is available thru ACT Insurance, starting at $39If you don't have a Nevada resale license, it is easy to take care of (easier than California!), and is handled at the show! Call or email for more info!

The Reno Art Fest is presented by CWB Events, in conjuction with the Artech, a local non-profit organization. For additional information you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 916-936-9393

Show application Spaces Still Available!

Site Map

Parking Info

Weather Forecast

*Event subject to change without notice

Below are the policies and FAQs for CWB Events.
If I have missed anything, please let me know!

Please note my new mailing address!

Yes, I now have a new address in the beautiful city of Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento.
My new address is PO Box 1747 Carmichael Ca 95609-1747

My new fax number is 916-621-3694

Application process:

The following is the process I follow (generally) for accepting artists in our events.

Application – it is best to apply early to have a better chance of being accepted, and if you happen to want a particular space. If there is a particular space or booth requirement, such as facing the sun, etc. please note that on the application and I will do my best to accommodate you. One other note – legibility counts when filling out your application! It has to be legible so I can read it!

Payment of fees – once you are accepted into the event, your fees will be collected. This generally happens 10 weeks before the event start date. Once accepted, there are no refunds, but a credit towards future events is possible if cancelled more than two weeks before the event. After that, the entry fee is forfeited.  If you have financial constraints and need the charges to happen on a certain date, or need to be notified before charges are made, please note that on your application. Of course, any delays in payment of the fees due, will delay your acceptance into the event.

Upon acceptance – Once the fees are paid, you will receive a confirmation letter with your space number and other useful info. If you have not rec’d your confirmation letter by two weeks prior to the event, please call or email us ASAP.  Info in regards to the site map, show location, and weather can be found on our website.

Professional behavior must be exhibited at all times. We reserve the right to remove any exhibitor, without a refund, who is behaving unprofessionally, inappropriately or illegally, at our discretion.

Booth set up:
Booths should create a boutique or gallery look to compliment the work. All display racks must be covered. Tables must be completely covered on all sides to the ground with professional material.A few examples of what could be considered acceptable can be found here. All exhibitors are responsible for keeping their area clear during show hours, including clean up at the end of the show. All inventory and display materials must be contained within the space you have requested. Stored inventory and crates must be out of public view. You may not expand into the aisles or beyond the space for which you contracted. Please set up your booth accordingly. All signage must be professional. No handwritten signs. Your booth and work should be consistent with the images sent for jurying. If there is a significant variation, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the venue without a refund. If a canopy or tent is used it must have a suitable backdrop to block the view of other exhibitors and vehicles parked behind the booth. Exhibitors are responsible for securing their booth properly, with stakes and weights as needed, to insure a safe show for the public and neighboring booths. A few examples of securing your canopy can be found here. No smoking, loud sound systems, or noisy generators are allowed in booth areas.

Booth Sitters
I or one of the staff are available for booth sitting for short periods. Call us at 916-936-9393 (a cell phone that I carry) or stop me as I wander thru the show. 

Break Down/ Load out:
At the end of the show, before you start breaking down, your commission envelope needs to be turned in. We need all envelopes returned, even if you had no sales. We can take cash, checks and credit cards and receipts are available if needed. Do not start the load out/breakdown of your display cannot occur before the end of the show (unless notified differently by CWB Events). As in the set up at the beginning of the show, please be aware of and courteous to your neighbors, as I am sure you will see them again at a future show. Pack all of your artwork, and then bring your vehicle in to load up. Parking or driving on the grass is never allowed. Please do not take two spaces and allow passage of other traffic (don’t block the road).

Business Licenses:
Generally we will purchase a special event license/permit for the event that covers all of the participants. You will be notified if you need any other special license. You are required to have a Resale Permit for the State of California. You can download an application from the State Board of Equalization at www.boe.ca.gov.

Check In:
The spaces are generally marked on the day prior to the event. If you know your space number, and where it is, you are welcome to set up after the set up time noted on the confirmation letter. If you don’t know your space number, please contact us. There is a site map for the event on the website for your reference. If you have any questions or cannot locate your space, please call us at 916-936-9393. 

Clean up:
Please make sure your display is kept clean and orderly at all times. After the show, when you have loaded up all your display, please police the area to be sure that all debris and trash is picked up. There are trash bins/dumpsters available for the larger items. Don’t leave anything behind (boxes, wrapping material, zip ties, etc.). Someone will have to pick it up, and most likely it will be me….

You will be given a commission envelope on the first day of the show. At the end of the show, before you start breaking down, your commission envelope needs to be turned in. We need all envelopes returned, even if you had no sales. We can take cash, checks and credit cards and receipts are available if needed. All sales made during the event, resulting from the event as well as all commissioned work are eligible for the 10% commission. Do not include any sales tax collected as part of your gross sales. The commission is on the honor system. Each participant makes their own sales during the event.

Confirmation Letter:
Once accepted and all fees have been paid, you will receive a confirmation letter which will contain the instructions for set up (booth number, set up time, parking info, etc.) via email and/or postal mail. If you have not rec’d your confirmation letter by two weeks prior to the event, please call or email us ASAP.  Info in regards to the site map, show location, and weather can be found on our website.

Display Set-up:
CWB Events will strive to set up prior day set up when possible. Spaces are usually marked by 3:00 pm the day before. Please check with us to see when set up will be available, or check your confirmation letter for more info.  Please be aware that overnight security will not be available on the nights prior to the show. When loading or unloading, we are not allowed to drive or park on the grass. No Exceptions! Also, driving while on grass is also prohibited, but that is a completely different issue!

Inclement Weather:
All events will be held rain or shine or wind. Outdoor shows are subject to weather extremes. We would never force an exhibitor to set up in severe or dangerous weather and risk ruining their work, but we do expect all exhibitors to be at the show ready to set up if the weather changes. It is imperative that exhibitors be present. Weather predictions are notoriously inaccurate; raining even 30 minutes away doesn’t mean it’s raining at the show site. In extreme conditions, exhibitors must realize that a show can be cancelled due to weather related problems with no return of fees.

Insurance Requirements:
CWB Events, show management, park officials, property owners, sponsors and those working at the show are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property. You are responsible for the safety and liability insurance of your work and display, bearing all risk and expense for any damage, loss, or theft of their own or others artwork or personal property or injury to any person, regardless of cause.

Exhibitor gives permission for photos to be used for the purpose of marketing the event, such as print advertising, postcards, etc. Providing a bio would also be appreciated

Medium of Work:
You are only to submit one medium of work per booth space. Combining two mediums into one display, such as having both Jewelry and Photography in the same booth is generally not allowed. Check with CWB Events for any exceptions based on the work you are submitting.  You are only able to display the work for which you were accepted into the show. CWB Events reserves the right to refuse participation in the event if the work on display is not consistent with these guidelines, or with the work submitted with the application. No refunds will be made in these instances.

Original Work:
All work must be original and completely finished. Limited edition prints and Giclees are allowed, but should be less than 50% of your work. No imports or manufactured items are allowed. No objects from commercially available kits, parts or patterns; pottery, glass or other materials from pre-manufactured molds; embellished commercial objects and clothing; factory-made items; t-shirts. Your images for jurying must represent what is going to be sold in your booth. Artists assume all risks and liability for claims alleging copyright or trademark infringement or the misappropriation of images or ideas.

CWB Events will provide directions for Participants  (including their staff, and family members) in the confirmation letter, and we will be available on site for more info. We will have designated parking areas during each event for participant’s vehicles and participants must park in these areas. If you are not sure where to park, please ask. If you have an official handicap parking emblem, please let us know and we will do our best to allow you to park near the event, and try to arrange for a booth near that parking area.

Pets and Children:
We would appreciate it if you refrain from bringing pets or children to the events.

We have both printed (sent by USPS) and an email version are available to show participants. Please specify on the application how many you want of the printed postcard, if any. You can have as many email versions as you like.  Printed postcards are generally sent out 30-40 days before the event. For the printed postcards - If you are late applying to the show, we may not have enough time for us to send them to you, and for you to then send them out, or we may be out. If you do ask for them, please be sure to use them to promote the show. Sitting on your desk or in your studio does not do us any good! I will send a copy of the email version out to all artists approx. 2-3 weeks before the event. At that time, I will also send out any last minute instructions or changes. And please, when sending out multiple emails, be sure to use the BCC feature of your email program. For more info about BCC emails, the how and why to use it, can be found at bccplease.com

Problems, questions or concerns: 
CWB Events is artist focused and committed to helping you have a pleasant, hassle-free and successful selling experience. Please feel free to call us at 916-936-9393 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions, suggestions or comments at any time. Our website is cwbevents.com and our mailing address is CWB Events PO Box 827 Acton CA 93510

Once an exhibitor is accepted into the show the entry fee is non-refundable. There will be no refunds for inclement weather. Cancelling within two weeks of the event will result in your entry fee being forfeited. 

Sales Tax: If the show is in California, you are required to have a Sellers Permit. You can download an application from the State Board of Equalization at www.boe.ca.gov. Nevada shows are handled differently, details to be provided.

Overnight security is provided for all events, as noted in the confirmation letter. Although security is provided, CWB Events cannot be responsible for any losses or damage.  Please secure your tents/display by using the side curtains, or placing all items under cover.

No power or water is available at booth sites. We do not provide electricity or water at any of our events. Some locations do have these available, but it is not guaranteed to be turned on. The other option is to use deep cycle marine batteries. No fume producing generators are allowed at any of our events, unless proper distance for noise and ventilation can be maintained, and their use is approved by CWB Events.